About Meals for Morale

During the era of COVID-19, we wanted to create an opportunity for the Seattle community to come together and support those on the frontline. It's astonishing how one delicious meal can boost your mood for the day. Thus, we started this charity project to boost morale one meal at a time.


Our Origin

Taylor’s initial vision was inspired by the generosity of individual restaurant donors on the Support the ID Facebook page. Our team then created a platform where restaurants and hospitals could connect to coordinate donations in a streamlined fashion, and to acknowledge essential workers who are not as visible to the public.



Restaurants complete the Meals for Morale (MfM) donation form and include their preferences of where and whom the donation is intended. MfM introduces the donor to the recipients and facilitates a delivery date and time. We work with hospitals’ advancement programs to help ensure equitable placement of the donations.



Donations without designation for a specific hospital or group, MfM recognizes essential workers that may not have as much visibility. These groups include: Environmental and Health Services (comprising custodial and maintenance staff), security officers, and resident physicians. Resident physicians make up the bulk of the academic hospital workforce, but typically work the longest hours without hazard pay and for the least amount of compensation.


Risk Mitigation

All restaurants have proper restaurant licensure and facilities including a commercial kitchen. All meals come in individually packaged or in small batch quantities to reduce infection risk and exposure.

Deliveries: Deliveries require adherence to social distancing policies and personal protective equipment.



Having attained our goal of 1000 meals donated using our crowdfunded $1600, we will begin to taper our involvement in facilitating donations, with the hope that our campaign will continue to inspire generosity and community. It has been an incredible privilege and honor to foster morale alongside restaurants and front-line healthcare workers these past few months.


Social Media

We post on social media to help promote the generosity of local restaurants in the area and we hope that each post generates community interest to support those restaurants in turn. As we know, COVID-19 has also put a strain on restaurants as well as healthcare workers, so it's critical to our mission to help these restaurants gain positive PR during this time.


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